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RE: http_url_post_raw issue

Thats fictitious card no with fictious address. Credit card verification company gives me an error saying its invalid card no. when I paste it on browser.
 When I do the same through the API, it sends me a msg daying that its not a well formed request.
Can somebody help me with the API pls?

Vikas Mishra
IT Applications
SCJ Insurance Services

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Please tell me that is a fictitious credit card and CVV number!!!!!----- Original Message -----From: Vikas M Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 12:55 pmSubject: http_url_post_raw issueTo: ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Hi Everybody,> I am using this API http_url_post_raw  to validate/charge crdit > card but i get a return error saying that request is not well > formed . This error is actually being returned from credit card > verification server so it is communicating with it.> But when I use the same request on web browser page , it works > fine. Can anybody please point out where am I making the > mistake? Here are the details:> >  xmldata=                                                       >     > 'xmldata=XXXXXX> > '>YYYYYYYZZZZZZ> > 'ype>ccsale542121355647874'+ > '50212'+         >     > > '42.30.00> > 'l_cvv2cvc2_indicator>1212<'+ > > '/ssl_cvv2cvc2>8745> > 'st_name>JohnMuir<'+ > 'ssl_avs_address>1254 Las Positas '+                            >     > > 'Drconcor'+ > > 'dCA94521> 'zip>' ;                                                  >     >                          > > > eval      rc = http_url_post_raw(                   >           'https://www.myvirtualmerchant.com/'    + >            'VirtualMerchant/processxml.do?'         >             : %addr(xmldata): %len(%trimr(xmldata)) >             : 1                                     >             : %paddr('INCOMING')                    >             : 1)                                    > > Looks like the credit card server doesnt receive the above > request properly and returns me an error saying request not well > formed. This error is listed as one of their return errors.> But when I do paste of same request on browser page, I get > proper result.> > Thanks,> Vikas Mishra>  vikasm@xxxxxxxxxx> IT Applications> SCJ Insurance Services> > > 
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