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Re: http_url_post_raw issue

   I do not have an answer, BUT.......
   Be very careful about posting information like names and CC numbers to
   any newsgroup/list.
   I am sure your customer would not be happy to know that several
   hundred people now have his name and CC info.

   From:    "Vikas M" <VikasM@xxxxxxxxxx>
   To:      <ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
   Date:    11/12/2008 10:10 AM
   Subject: http_url_post_raw issue
   Sent by: ftpapi-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   Hi Everybody,
   I am using this API http_url_post_raw  to validate/charge crdit card
   but i get a return error saying that request is not well formed . This
   error is actually being returned from credit card verification server
   so it is communicating with it.
   But when I use the same request on web browser page , it works fine.
   Can anybody please point out where am I making the mistake? Here are
   the details:
   'ssl_avs_address>1254 Las Positas '+
   'zip></txn>' ;

   eval      rc = http_url_post_raw(
             'https://www.myvirtualmerchant.com/'    +
               : %addr(xmldata): %len(%trimr(xmldata))
               : 1
               : %paddr('INCOMING')
               : 1)
   Looks like the credit card server doesnt receive the above request
   properly and returns me an error saying request not well formed. This
   error is listed as one of their return errors.
   But when I do paste of same request on browser page, I get proper
   Vikas Mishra
   <outbind://118/vikasm@xxxxxxxxxx> vikasm@xxxxxxxxxx
   IT Applications
   SCJ Insurance Services
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