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RE: HTTPAPI query about HTTP_URL_POST and best approach.

Hi Peter,
I do something very similar with a windows server sending small XML messages to the iSeries and receiving a small XML message in response.
I personally used the CGIDEV2 tools (though they are really designed for dynamic HTML and simple query string request URLs) and used the built in mechanisms to write the XML to the HTTP response. I guess the question is - can whatever is sending you the XML messages handle an HTTP response and strip out any XML you might add to it?
If so you might not have to do a seperate HTTP post.
Kind Regards


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Subject: HTTPAPI query about HTTP_URL_POST and best approach.

Hi all,
  I am setting up some basic proof of concept programs. The requirement is for a remote system to send transaction via XML to an iseries. The iSeries will send an acknowledge of receipt back once it has them . A subset of these transactions are cash payments and once the cheque is printed at a later date on the iSeries, the cheque number and date printed need to be sent back to the source sytem in XML format. All of this is not over the internet but over a local network.
  I have successfuly set up the acceptance and acknowledgement of transactions using CGI APIs such as read from(QtmhWrStin) and Write to Stdout (QtmhWrStout) and so on.
  The proof of concept for sending back a cheque number and date printed a proving a bit more of a challenge. My questions are as follows.
  1) Would using the HTTPAPI be the best way to go with this? I was thinking of doing something similar to example 4. That is, set up the XML transaction and do a HTTP_URL_POST.
  2) I did try and write a simple program myself based on the socket tutorial but
the connect() fails with a message "ECONNREFUSED - The destination socket refused an attempted connect operation."  If I key the URL into a web browser I get a response. For reasons I am have not be able to resolve I cannot resolve domian name servers on the iSeries even though everything appears to be configured OK so I am temporarily using an IP address and port in my url and I suspect I may be using the wrong port number. I need to chase up with the Java programmer who set up the server appplication but I wondered though once this is resolved would a browser and a procedure such as HTTP_URL_POST be treaty by the server in the same manner? Therefore if multiple connections were attempted from different locations printing cheque would there be a problem? I noted one of the error options on the connect() api is "EADDRINUSE - Address already in use" which is why I raised this question.
  Any feedback would be appreciated.

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