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Re: http_url_post with http_url_encoder_getptr

Hello Antonio,

The problem is not with http_url_encoder_getptr().  the getptr() routine 
returns strings much longer than 256 characters.

HOWEVER, I see that you're using http_url_encoder_addvar_s().  This 
routine is limited to 256 characters of data per variable.  The "_s" at 
the end means that it's the "simplified" version of another 
subprocedure....  The reason I made a simplified version is to make it 
easy to use, at the expense of flexibility.

Basically, http_url_encoder_addvar_s() is a little easier to use, but it's 
limited to 256 characters.  By contrast, http_url_encoder_addvar() handles 
unlimited size variables, but is a little more complicated to use.

Here's the code you sent:

> C                   eval      tipo = 'MRO' 
> C                   eval      Enc = http_url_encoder_new 
> c                   callp     http_url_encoder_addvar_s( Enc 
> c                                                      : 'xmlString' 
> c                                                      : Xdoc ) 
> c                   callp     http_url_encoder_addvar_s( Enc 
> c                                                      : 'type' 
> c                                                      : Tipo )

The problem with this code is that the "Xdoc" variable can be as large as 
32k, but the addvar_s() procedure only lets you use 256.

The solution is to use http_url_encoder_addvar() instead.  Try using the 
following code for the Xdoc variable:

c         callp     http_url_encoder_addvar( Enc 
c                                          : 'xmlString' 
c                                          : %addr(Xdoc)
c                                          : %len(%trimr(Xdoc)))

You can still use addvar_s() for the "tipo" variable, since that variable 
is less than 256 bytes, it won't matter.

Also note that using http_url_encoder_addvar() lets you specify any 
pointer you like, in this case I passed the address of the Xdoc variable 
so that it'll read directly from that variable -- but if you wanted, you 
could pass a pointer to dynamically allocated memory, or to a user space, 
and you'd be able to encode data that's much larger than RPG's 64k 

Hope that helps...
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