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RE: Welcome to the "Ftpapi" mailing list (Digest mode)

hi Eclipse,

Here's part of the XML document you sent me:

>  +'<soap:Body> '
>  +'<q0:teststring_XML> '
>  +'<q0:iputData><q0:SSTRING>DD</q0:SSTRING></q0:inputData> '
>  +'</q0:teststring_XML> '
>   +'   </soap:Body>     '

It looks like you mistyped "inputData" in the above code snippet. It says 
"iputData" instead of "inputData".

Other than that, all I can tell you is that the error message you've 
received is coming from the HTTP server that you're connecting to (If 
you're using a WDSC web service, then the error message is generated by 
WebSphere Application Server, most likely).  HTTPAPI is only relaying it 
from the server back to your program.

HTTPAPI is simply transmitting the data that you tell it to transmit. 
It's not smart enough to understand the data. It's up to you to make sure 
it's correct, and that you specify the correct translation and 
content-type options so that the server will understand it.

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