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Re: HTTPS XML - Help Needed on New App

> How can one tell that an http session to the site was successful so that
> I at least know the post made it to the site?  Logs?



At the top of the source member (if it's not there already) and it'll 
write a debug log to /tmp/httpapi_debug.txt

Perhaps a better idea is to change http_url_post_xml() to http_url_post(). 
This way, instead of trying to parse the data as it's received, it'll save 
the XML data to a file where you can examine it.  Look in HTTPAPI_H member 
for information about the different parameters passed to http_url_post() 
as opposed to http_url_post_xml().

If you download the XML document to a file, you can parse it later with 
the http_parse_xml_stmf() API.  EXAMPLE15 demonstrates parsing an XML 
document this way.
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