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Re: Re :Re: \"[\" in CDATA coming as \"?\"


> Scott,This is an old version downloaded in July this year. How can I 
> check the version of HTTPAPI, if I don\'t remember what was then?

There's a named constant, HTTPAPI_VERSION, in the HTTPAPI_H source member. 
That constant should tell you which version you're using.

> need to download the new one and try?

I changed the way CCSID translation worked in version 1.17 of HTTPAPI.  So 
if your version is older than that, I suggest downloading the new one to 
see if the same bug exists in that version...   If you're already using 
version 1.17 or later, then I need to know how to reproduce the error so 
that I can trace the code to see what's wrong.
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