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Re: First Time user of HTTPAPI - No luck with Example1 (Solution)


   Thanks for your help.

   The problem was that the iSeries server did not recognize DNS names.
   First I hard coded the physical IP address in the URL text string (no
   a good idea, for production; but I am just testing things out). Better
   yet, I have added the URL server names to the TCP IP Host table, but
   would like to use our DNS server on the network instead, so that I do
   not have to define any server on the TCP IP Host table.  Question,
   what is the best way to tell the AS400 to use a DNS server on the
   network ?

   Luis Grullon

   Re: First Time user of HTTPAPI - No luck with Example1

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   Please add the following to the start of the program (the line before
   http_url_get() call):

         c                   callp     http_debug(*ON)

   This tells HTTPAPI to write a debug file to the following location (by

   The debug file should contain info about why things have failed.
   Furthermore, there's a variable named "msg" in EXAMPLE1 that might
   a clue, have you looked at the contents of this variable?  (It's not
   displayed anywhere, since when I wrote it I expected the programmer to
   their own display logic.)

   Scott Klement  [13]http://www.scottklement.com

   On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Grullon, Luis wrote:

   > Hi Scott/all:
   > Thanks for putting together this tool. I downloaded the HTTPAPI
   library last
   > Friday (10/26/06),  and am having problem with the example1 program.
   I just
   > get a zero byte PDF in my IFS. I do have access to your web site,
   and there
   > is no firewall issues. Additionally, I do not see/find the debug.txt
   file as
   > per the config file.  Please help.... We plan to use this API as
   soon I as
   > can get things going.... I will be consuming internal .Net web
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