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Question on licensing for HTTPAPI

   Thanks again for this wonderful API. It saved me, no doubt many hours
   trying to write something or worse buying a product that probably
   won't work. Regardless thanks!!
   I think my employer might actually install it, if I can claim their
   irrational fears about licenses and copyrights. From the LICENSE MBR I
   see that your code is OK to use, as you have told me before, but the
   EXPAT stuff has some MBRs that show MS information. For example:
   Are they part of some other O/Ss build process? If so can I get rid of
   them if we will only be using an AS/400? Anything to help convience my
   boss that there is no problem with licensing would be appreciated.
   "Trust is such a rare thing" - A. Nonymous

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