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Re: HTTPAPI 1.17 released

Hi Michael,

The main difference between this version of Expat and the last one is bug 
fixes. They also added support for AmigaOS, but I doubt that'll matter to 
HTTPAPI users :)

Also, I should add that this version isn't that new. It's been out since 
January. I've had the iSeries port of it on my site for a month or so 
already. I just hadn't gotten around to upgrading HTTPAPI to use it until 

The main thing I did differently with the 2.0.0 port of Expat is that I 
enabled UTF-16 support (instead of UTF-8) which makes it easier to use 
with RPG since RPG supports UTF-16 natively.  However, it meant re-writing 
a lot of the code that had already been written for UTF-8.

If you're using HTTPAPI's XML parsing module, your programs should remain 
compatible, since it converts everything to EBCDIC before passing it to 
your programs, anyway, so you won't see the difference.

However, if you're calling Expat directly, you'll have to modify your 
programs, or maintain a separate copy of Expat that outputs UTF-8.  For 
more info on that, please see the following article:

Scott Klement  http://www.scottklement.com

On Sat, 23 Sep 2006, Michael Ryan wrote:

> Thanks for the update Scott!
> What's new with eXpat?
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