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HTTPAPI 1.17 released

Hi Folks,

I've released version 1.17 of HTTPAPI.  You can download it from the 
following link:

Changes include:

a) EXAMPLE15 updated to use new System iNetwork news feed.

b) EXAMPLE16 replaced. (Old version was too convoluted!)  The new version 
demonstrates loading a subfile with UPS tracking info.

c) Translation of POST documents re-vamped.  You can now translate your 
POST document to UTF-8 if you like, and HTTPAPI will dynamically expand 
memory as needed to fit the entire output document.

d) Expat upgraded to version 2.0.0.

e) Parsing code revamped to use new Expat feature.

f) New API to let you parse XML directly from a stream file (instead of
having to download it from an HTTP server)

g) New example EXAMPLE20 demonstrates using a callback to pass a longer 
SOAPAction.  This method is not limited to 64 chars.

Please try it out.  If you encounter any bugs, please post them to this 
mailing list.


Scott Klement  http://www.scottklement.com
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