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another bug in FTPAPI

Sender: Christian <chrisv5@xxxxxx>

Hello Scott,

I found another bug in FTPAPI, mainly concerning ASCII GETs with custom code pages. I found that when I do a GET from the FTP server and specify my own code pages (usually 819 -> 819), the files get translated correctly (actually, not at all), but the files in the IFS end up with a (wrong) code page of 37. The bug is in OpnFile():

B02 c                   if        wkUsrXLate = *Off
    c                   callp     ftp_codepg(DFT_RMT_CP: wwCP)
    c                   eval      wkUsrXlate = *Off
E02 c                   endif
E01 c                   endif

     * codepage of new stream files:
B01 c                   if        wkBinary = *On
    c                   eval      wwNewCP = wkASCIIF_cp
X01 c                   else
    c                   eval      wwNewCP = wwCP
E01 c                   endif

The line before the last in this piece of code should read

c eval wwNewCP = wkEBCDICF_cp

In the case of non-custom code pages it'll be wwCP anyway (set a few lines above in the ftp_codepg; which is deprecated, btw *wink*).

This bug does not matter if you process it from a PC later on, or you do a CPYFRMSTF with STMFCODPAG(*PCASCII), etc. But it is bad if you do an open() or a CPYFRMSTMF with STMFCODPAG(*STMF), or something similar.

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