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FTPAPI codepage problem with ftp_list (or ftp_dir)

Sender: Christian <chrisv5@xxxxxx>

I found and fixed the culprit. First, let me repeat the problem in question. Assume the following code (simplified):

rc = ftp_binarymode(SessID: *off); rc = ftp_codepage(SessID: 00819: 00819);

rc = ftp_list(SessID: '': cMaxFiles: %Addr(RmtFiles): NbrRmtFiles);
If (NbrRmtFiles > cMaxFiles);
  NbrRmtFiles = cMaxFiles;

For I = 1 to NbrRmtFiles;
  WrkFileName = %Trim(RmtFiles(I));
  rc = ftp_get(SessID: WrkFileName: WrkLclDir + WrkFileName);
  NbrFiles = NbrFiles + 1;

The above will not work, cause the file list is packed into the first few array entries. The reason is that bufline() cannot find the CRLF. The bug is actually in get_byline() though.

     c                   eval      wwCrLf = x'0D25'
 B01 c                   if        wkBinary = *Off
     c                   callp     ToASCIIF(wwCrLf:2)
 E01 c                   endif

should really be this:

B01 c if wkBinary = *Off

B02 c if wkXLatHack = *on

c callp ToASCII(wwCrLf:2)

X02 c else

c callp ToASCIIF(wwCrLf:2)

E02 c endif

E01 c endif

Scott, could you please put that into your distribution?

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