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RE: Call For Testers - can you hear me?? 3rd attempt

I received all your emails, but I cannot help you because for my application it always works. I never had any kind of problems.

Adriana Stoicescu



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Dear All,


I've sent several posts, with problems, attesting to the fact I long since downloaded the beta-version and have been using it. Nobody ever replies. Eg., here was my most recent: (please reply that this is visible, even if you cannot help - THANKS):


Am using the http_url_post function of httpapi (see Example 4) to send POSTs to a UPS web service and rcv shipping data in response. Most of the time, the app seems to work pretty well.


The problem is that UPS have presented evidence that, somewhere in the guts of the httpapi code, double-requests are generated, ie. a 2nd rqs is occasionally being emitted before the UPS response has been received. Coincidentally or not, the 2nd rqs is emitted about 10-11 secs after the 1st.


Does anyone have any experience of such a problem, even a recommendation of what, to paraphrase Lenin, is to be done?



Peter Myers


P.S. Am using the beta version that Scott asked folks to help test, a few weeks ago, but I think the problem also occurred with the prev. version too. We are on V5R2.


P.P.S. An error constantly seen in the joblog is: (GSKit) An operation which is not valid for the current SSL session state was attempted. I don't think this is remotely connected with the above problem, but I thought I'd mention this fact.


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Please remember that HTTPAPI and FTPAPI are open source projects. In order

for them to continue, and to fluorish, there needs to be people who are

willing to contribute their time and resources to the project.


The main thing that I need assistance with is with testing.


On May 5, 2005 I sent the following e-mail message to the list asking

people to test HTTPAPI. I have not received a single comment or response:



In order for this project to survive, we need your help!  Download and

test the beta versions. Give your feedback on them on this mailing list.


In addition to making sure that things still work, I also need to verify

which releases of OS/400 it will work on. I know it works on V5R3, but can

people please report whether it works on V4R4, V4R5, V5R1, and V5R2?  That

would help out tremendously.





Scott Klement  http://www.scottklement.com


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