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RE: Problem with POST in HTT API

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Please, "post" the code that doesn't work. I'll have a look and snif the

Have a nice trip, forgot all your problems and ¡Find the Peace!

Ricardo García

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David Iverson wrote:
> Sender: "David Iverson" <diverson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> As to your write error, a few suggestions about some info you could
> supply:
> What file system are you writing to?
> Can you supply a code example?
> What version of HTTPAPI are you using?

Um, I had said it clearly in the ORIGINAL post, that I using the latest
beta 1.11pre4 (as the 1.10 version has it's very own bugs).

I also stated clearly that I tried the supplied "EXAMPLE2", thus the
entire source is available to anyone.

Well, meanwhile I have found and fixed the bug. It is in the utility
function "dirname" which fails when one is using it on a file in the
root directory (it returns an empty string). As EXAMPLE2 uses
'/testpost.html', it is doomed to fail.

I am wondering how anyone can say it works on their machine. It simply
cannot work!

Here is my suggested fix of the function. I have a bit restructered it
to emphasize that there are three (mutually exclusive) possibilities to
get to a return value. That one works for me. Mind you, there is more in
this function which is not 100% clean, but at least it works now.

      c                   if        wwRet <> *NULL
      c                   dealloc                 wwRet
      c                   eval      wwRet = *NULL
      c                   endif

      c                   eval      wwChar = '/'
      c                   eval      wwPos = strrchr(pePath: wwVal)

      c                   select
      c                   when      wwPos = *NULL
      c                   eval      wwCurDir = './' + x'00'
      c                   return    %addr(wwCurDir)

      c                   when      wwPos = pePath
      c                   eval      wwCurDir = '/' + x'00'
      c                   return    %addr(wwCurDir)

      c                   other
      c                   eval      wwLen = (wwPos - pePath) + 1
      c                   alloc     wwLen         wwRet
      c                   callp     memset(wwRet: 0: wwLen)
      c                   callp     memcpy(wwRet: pePath: wwLen-1)
      c                   return    wwRet
      c                   endsl

David Iverson wrote:
> Geez, calm down will you. This software is free, you didn't pay for it
> and no-one "has" to support it. Scott does this out of his own time, for
> nothing.

I am aware of that. Though he asked for feedback and so far I have
reported quite a few bugs and found the solutions for them as well.

> How many utils have you written, how comfortable would you be releasing
> the code for them, would they run on all boxes, under all
> configurations, for all users?

I have been programming for 25+ years. I did all kind of projects, from
microcontroller programming to Operating Systems and applications. I
guess I wrote more bugs athn others wrote Line of Codes, but i am
comfortable with that. If someon points a finger at my source and says,
"hey dude, this needs to be fixed", then I am happy. Nothing is more
tedious than testing code. I would beextremely glad if someone does it
for me! Mind you, I would even try to find the bug.

> Take a chill pill please, the software isn't perfect, and it's not going
> to be straight away. If you have anything to contribute then great,
> contribute it. All the better for those who use it. And no, you're not
> being ignored.

David, your post has style and is helpful (which is rather different 
from others). If you happen to have all my posts, you'll find that I 
never attacked anyone personally, I only pointed out where is a bug and 
I had hoped to get some help or at least acknowledgment. Instead I got 
only denial so far and quite some insults.

Anyway, my train leaves in a few hours, thus you all will be happy to 
enjoy my disappearance for four weeks.

EXAMPLE2 works for me now, which proofs that POSTs do work. Still have 
to work out why a POST to clickatell.com does *not* work for me. Though 
I am lacking the time for that. For anyone interested, I may post a 
sample code of what is not working (as well of code which oddly works)

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