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Re: Problem with POST in HTT API

Sender: Scott Klement <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'll do all of those things once I return from Asia. Anyway, as I had said in a previous post, I tried EXAMPLE2 which contains a simple POST to a server which should work. In this example I do not even get to the POST cause the API wrongly assumes that I do not have the right to write the output file. I have posted this before, but it got ignored.

HTTPAPI is using the access() API to check if you have write access to the file that you've supplied. If the file doesn't exist, it uses the access() API to see if you have write access to the directory that you're attempting to write the file into.

Apparently this check doesn't work for you, though I have no idea why. you haven't provided me with any information, all you've done is complain about it.

So, what I'll do is change the code. and eliminate the access() checks. Instead, I'll simply try to open the file, and let the error occur there instead of on the access() APIs.

Worth a try, I guess.

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