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Re: Problem with POST in HTT API

Sender: Scott Klement <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

the very same data (from the very same HTTP_URL_Encoder) works perfectly
when I submit a GET! Thus it simply cannot be the data. This is what
baffles me.

But... I use the POST routine every day, with dozens of different servers, and it works. So, what is different?

HTTPAPI doesn't attempt to interpret the contents of the data in a POST request. Other than performing EBCDIC to ASCII translation, it sends the data as-is to the server.

Therefore, I suggest that the problem might be in the EBCDIC->ASCII translation, but you say that the data is correct. Well, what could it be, then?

Knowing the facts, though, might help to figure out what is done
*differently* for GET and POST.  Apparently there is something which leads
to the problem. Um... does anyone know a packet sniffer for the iSeries?
On my PC I could easily find out what is going wrong, but...

If your iSeries and PC are connected by a hub (but not a switch or router) then you could run the sniffer on your PC and see everything, including the iSeries data. This is how I typically debug things like this.

I prefer to use the open source Ethereal sniffer.

If you really want to do it on the iSeries, there's the STRCMNTRC, ENDCMNTRC and PRTCMNTRC commands. I find those to be very difficult to read, however. These tools are also available via STRSST.
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