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RE: Problem with POST in HTT API


thank you for the suggestions. Independantly from the iSeries it works well, as it works with a simple HTML form as well as with a Delphi program. What I most likely will be doing is tracing the whole thing from the iSeries to Clickatell at the firewall or the router. Unfortunately I'll be away for four weeks, thus the project is put at rest until August.

I had two problems with GET, one was caused by Scott (which he has fixed in the betas) and one was by me (had an IP lock down at Clickatell and the iSeries uses a different IP). I'd say, on GET I am even. On POST, one problem is a timing problem, thus I'd saw it's a draw. Th eother problem is not yet determined. While I am very well aware that I am making mistakes myself, I also do not assume that any other software is without faults.

Finally, what works with one server, might not work with another and v.v. With regard of the statements which I had seen in the category "it works great for me", I only say "wow, what a great statistical sample, it works for a dozen apps". I can safely assume (and Scott may agree with me) that there are possibly countless combinations of circumstances which might not work, even with the best software. So far, there has not ever been 100% bugfree software. There are just enough lucky people for whom it works. And there is always the unlucky guy who encounters a certain problem as the first one. That's tough luck already, but it hurts even more, when you get bashed for that!


owner-ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb am 24.06.2005 09:49:12:

> Christian,

> The first I would do is examine the data receveid in each case (GET
> / POST) independently from the iSeries, on a PC, with a simple HTTP
> sniffer like Achilles (http://www.mavensecurity.com/achilles). You’
> ll get all the HTTP headers and the data from and to the server debugged.

> But the problem may be iSeries dependant, so in a second time I
> would try to communicate with your South African server through the
> PC acting like a proxy. I guess it is possible to configure the
> iSeries to use a proxy.

> Suerte…
> Ricardo García
> PS: I’m using two programs made by Scott (HTTAPI and EXPAT, the XML
> Parser for the iSeries) and, until now, when something was going
> wrong the problem was on my side…

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> Hello Scott,
> the very same data (from the very same HTTP_URL_Encoder) works
> perfectly when I submit a GET! Thus it simply cannot be the data.
> This is what baffles me. Apparently the data POSTed arrives
> differently form the one sent by GET. It's getting tough for me to
> debug as I have no access to the receiving side, unless I fly to
> South Africa and they let me play with their servers.What's in the
> debug log, is perfectly correct. Apparently, though, it does not
> arrive as such at the receiving end. I am clueless.
> Knowing the facts, though, might help to figure out what is done
> *differently* for GET and POST.  Apparently there is something which
> leads to the problem. Um... does anyone know a packet sniffer for
> the iSeries? On my PC I could easily find out what is going wrong, but...
> owner-ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb am 24.06.2005 01:00:55:
> > Sender: Scott Klement <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > Hello Christian,
> >
> > > Now the POST works more or less. Though there must be still some major
> > > hickup, as the field values do not arrive correctly at the server.
> > [SNIP]
> > >
> >
> api_id=******&user=*****&password=********&to=069981250924&from=HTTP_API&text=test
> > [SNIP]
> > > ERR: 001, Authentication failed
> >
> > That's not an HTTP error, so it doesn't help me understand how to fix
> > HTTPAPI. You're submitting data that, apparently, the application on the
> > server does not like.
> >
> > When you look at the values of the app_id, user and password fields, do
> > they look correct?  or is there data in them that's being mistranslated
> > somehow?
> >
> > If this is due to data being translated incorrectly, I may be able to fix
> > it by changing HTTPAPI to use CCSIDs instead of codepages.  That would
> > solve some of the other problems that people have reported as well.
> >
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