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Re: Antwort: Problem with POST in HTT API

Sender: Scott Klement <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Christian,

Now the POST works more or less. Though there must be still some major
hickup, as the field values do not arrive correctly at the server.
ERR: 001, Authentication failed

That's not an HTTP error, so it doesn't help me understand how to fix HTTPAPI. You're submitting data that, apparently, the application on the server does not like.

When you look at the values of the app_id, user and password fields, do they look correct? or is there data in them that's being mistranslated somehow?

If this is due to data being translated incorrectly, I may be able to fix it by changing HTTPAPI to use CCSIDs instead of codepages. That would solve some of the other problems that people have reported as well.

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