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Re: Problem with POST in HTT API - correcting myself

Sender: Scott Klement <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


HTTP API expects an "100 Continue" but appears a bit impatient and
proceeds (logging a "No 100-Continue (error ignored)") with sending the
request body. When finished with the request body, it expects an "200 OK"
but instead receives the delayed "100 continue". From there on things are
getting real ugly...

The problem is, some servers send a 100 continue response, and others don't. The RFC states that an HTTP client should be prepared to continue even if it doesn't receive the 100 response.

So, what HTTPAPI does is set a small timeout value. If it doesn't receive the 100-continue quickly, it continues without it.

If I make the timeout longer, then people who are posting data to a server that doesn't send the 100 response have to wait for the timeout. People have, in the past, complained that HTTPAPI is slow because they had to wait for the timeout.

Unfortunately, it appears that in your circumstance, the response is coming in too slowly and HTTPAPI is timing out before receiving it and moving on. That's unfortunate.

If you have suggestions for a better way to do it, please send them. If not, please don't complain -- remember that I gave you this program for free, and I don't owe you anything.

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