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Antwort: Two small things

Hm, most likely this is not a codepage problem as the $ sign exists in virtually any codepage. We are using 1141 (in old years 273) and never had a problem with either "$" or "#". Very bad practice (though really extensivley used by my predecessor" would be "§". Though I am open to be corrected.

Christian Vitroler

owner-ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb am 23.06.2005 10:35:12:

> Could the fields 'IP_TOS$' and 'IP_TTL$' be renamed to not use $
> because I get a compile error. I am in Europe I and thing it may
> have something to do with out Code page or whatever. A second thing
> is should all CL programs be converted to CLLE ?

> Eddie Smith