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More troubles with POST

As I am having problems getting POST to work, i thought let's try one of the supplied examples, they should work perfectly, shouldn't they? Oh well... what I am getting is really a weird result:

HTTPAPI Ver 1.11pre4 released 2005-06-22                      
http_url_post(): entered                                      
SetError() #21: You do not have permission to create that file

Funny, as I can assure you I have any and all rights on this machine. Oddly enough, it was able to write the DEBUG log in the very same directory! Suppose there are bugs in the "rights detection routine".

Another note about the examples in general, one constantly finds this:

     c                   if        rc <> 1          
     c                   eval      msg = http_error  
     c                   dsply                   msg
     c                   else                        

This is really bad code, mind you. Cause in case of a timeout, rc=0 but http_error is uninitialized.

Christian Vitroler