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RE: Call For Testers

Sender: Scott Klement <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Erick,

The error messages are found below:
*RNF0353 20   3481 102100  The first and second parameters of %SCAN are
not of same type.
eval wwPos2 = %scan(x'0d25':wwChain:wwPos)

That's VERY strange. That line of code is part of the original HTTPAPI code, and hasn't been changed. Since HTTPAPI was originally written on a V4R5 system, it's very strange that it wouldn't work for you.

Furthermore, the message description of that error says the following:

Cause . . . . . :   The first and second parameters for built-in function
  %SCAN must be either both character, both graphic, or both UCS-2. The
  CCSIDs of graphic and UCS-2 parameters must be the same or one CCSID
  must be 65535. %SCAN is ignored.

Yet, both parameters are character, nothing in HTTPAPI is UCS2 or Graphic, so I don't see why you'd get this message. Unless your system assumes hex literals to be graphic characters for some reason?! Very strange.

To compile correctly, I had to replace all instances of the X'0D25',
X'0D' and X'25' with an alpha variable scaled to the correct size (1 or
2) and INZ(X'25') or INZ(X'0D') or INZ(X'0D25')

I could change that, I suppose. I don't like using variables for things that aren't variable, however.

Also, the conditional compile statement in the module COMMSSLR4 is not
recognized at V4R5M0.

I don't understand what you mean by that. Conditional compilation has been around longer than V4R5. Can you please tell me what error message you're receiving?

Are you sure you're not compiling to an older target release?
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