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Call For Testers

Sender: Scott Klement <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Please remember that HTTPAPI and FTPAPI are open source projects. In order for them to continue, and to fluorish, there needs to be people who are willing to contribute their time and resources to the project.

The main thing that I need assistance with is with testing.

On May 5, 2005 I sent the following e-mail message to the list asking people to test HTTPAPI. I have not received a single comment or response:

In order for this project to survive, we need your help! Download and test the beta versions. Give your feedback on them on this mailing list.

In addition to making sure that things still work, I also need to verify which releases of OS/400 it will work on. I know it works on V5R3, but can people please report whether it works on V4R4, V4R5, V5R1, and V5R2? That would help out tremendously.


Scott Klement  http://www.scottklement.com
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