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Antwort: RE: Problem with POST in HTT API

That was my first thought, too, the answer is: yes, they support POST.
Their manual actually recommends using POST,esp. with bulk SMS.
I had also stated that I tried using a simple webform with method="post" and it worked flawlessly.

Christian Vitroler

Silly question but does ClickaTell allow POST? I’ve only sent data to them using GET before.
David Iverson
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22 June 2005 11:01
Problem with POST in HTT API


Hello all... I have an interesting problem:

I try to send a SMS message via www.clickatell.com. After fixing a BUG in HTTP_URL_ENCODER (which I told Scott about in a seperate email) it works fine, AS LONG as I am using GET. If I use POST, then I am getting a TIMEOUT (rc=0). Using exactly the same data from HTTP_URL_ENCODER, just obtained via "HTTP_URL_Encoder_GetPtr" instead of "HTTP_URL_Encoder_GetStr".

The POST works very well if issued from a simple HTML form, thus it is not a server issue.

Kind regards,
Christian Vitroler

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