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Sure. You will have to write the script (or at least that one line)
"dynamically", ie. in a program. When the script is written, including
the put with the file name and %Date() appended, then you can invoke
that script.

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This is not directly related to the API but I am hoping someone will
take pity on an old broken down programmer that hasn't kept up with all
the latest features.  I am doing an   ftp_put   and I need to append the
day of the month to the name of the file I am "putting" to the FTP
server. e.g. the June 1st file would be 
filename01  June 2nd would be filename02 etc.  Is there any way I can do
this without coding 31 ftp_put's and choosing the one that corresponds
to the day of the month?  Thanks.    

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