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A good source for asking hardward/software/programming questions is the newsgroup comp.sys.ibm.as400.misc
But to answer your question use STRS36PRC to launch OCL from a native 400 program.
OCL can't return a value, but you can write to the *LDA and then retrieve the *LDA when the OCL finishes.
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I realize that the main focus of this mail list is HTTP but I need HELP and I hoping that the makeup of this list has progressed through the IBM world much the same as I have?.. I have been asked by a client still running in SYS/36 mode to create a link between a program running in native 400.  I can?t find that process back in my memory bank.  The program I will be calling from is in native 400 and I need the ability to call an OCL36 procedure and then return.  Is this possible?  How?

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