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Try the STRS36PRC command. You might also want to check out midrange.com
for questions like this. The ftpapi list is excellent for ftpapi and
httpapi, but the midrange.com lists (especially midrange-l) might be
better focused for you.

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> From: "Greenwood, Patricia" <pgreenwo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Wed, June 01, 2005 10:17 am
> To: <ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I realize that the main focus of this mail list is HTTP but I need HELP
> and I hoping that the makeup of this list has progressed through the IBM
> world much the same as I have..... I have been asked by a client still
> running in SYS/36 mode to create a link between a program running in
> native 400.  I can't find that process back in my memory bank.  The
> program I will be calling from is in native 400 and I need the ability
> to call an OCL36 procedure and then return.  Is this possible?  How?
> Pat Greenwood, Sr. SAE
> QUALCOMM QWBS Midwest Regional Office
> Kansas City, MO
> (816) 413-7016 (voicemail)
> (785) 749-4065 (office)
> (785) 749-3258 (fax)
> pgreenwo@xxxxxxxxxxxx (e-mail)

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