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Re: (GSKit) I/O: A connection with a remote socket was reset by thatsocket.

Sender: "Jay Peasley" <jpeasley@xxxxxxxxxxx>


Thanks for your reply.

Though what you say makes sense, the connection problem seems specific to
the httpapi utilities. It is the same network card for the rest of the end
users, the regular website and such, and there are no problems there.

One thought that popped into the ole noggin last night was the connection
http header values. When I was testing GETURI from Brad, he send a copy of
the command he was using with his utility and he always specified the
connetion header value - keep-alive. Here are the specific parameters he
specified in GETURI:

USRHDR(('Keep-Alive' 300))

Is this an option with the httpapi utilities? I noticed some constants in
socket_h for keep alive, but I don't see where they are used.



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