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Re: Preserve file date/time

Sender: Thomas Raddatz <thomas.raddatz@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I am not sure about what date/time you mean (creation/last modification).

If I understand the FTPAPI correctly, then at least it should be possible to retrieve that last modification date and time of the remote file using FTP_mtime(). Having done that it should be possible to change the last modification date and time of the local file by calling the Unix API utime().

I have never tried that. Just guessing ...

Thomas Raddatz.

Goodbar, Loyd (ETS - Water Valley) schrieb:
When retrieving data from a remote server to the iSeries, is it possible to
preserve the file's date/time from the remote server? If a file is dated
08:00, can I retrieve it and have it remain 08:00 instead of 12:08 when I
retrieved it?



Loyd Goodbar

Senior programmer/analyst


E/TS Water Valley


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