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Thanks Scott

I sorted it out.  I used HEX.
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Frank Kolmann  
belated Congratulaitions on winning Iseries Innovation award,  
just so you know, people think I am a whiz programmer and I would be nothing without your work.

Scott Klement <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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23/04/2005 02:02 AM
Please respond to ftpapi

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Hi Frank,

> I believe because the C APIs are case sensitive, but these API must be used
> in JAPAN so I think I am just doing this the wrong way.

Refering to these as "C APIs" is one of my pet peeves.  They're system
APIs available to all ILE languages. With the exception of "__errno"
they're not part of the ILE C runtime library and are therefore not "C

> Initially I tried to compile module FTPAPIR4 as supplied and I get this
> sort of stuff, as lower case characters are converted to other stuff by
> the Japanese character sets.

Unfortunately, I've never had the priveledge of working with Japanese
character sets. I suspect that you need to:

a) create source PFs that are tagged with the apporpriate CCSID for the
Japanese system.

b) make sure my PFs are tagged with CCSID 37.

c) Copy the members from my PF to the Japanese one so that the characters
get translated correctly.

d) Compile from the Japanese files.

This is purely speculation, though... like I said, I have never tried it.

> I converted the source to UPPER CASE and now the module compiles,
> problem is it wont CRTSRVPGM , I get the following sort of message.
> I believe because the C APIs are case sensitive.
> Definition not found for symbol 'CLOSE'.
> Definition not found for symbol 'CONNECT'.
> Definition not found for symbol 'QP0LCVTPATHTOQSYSOBJNAME'.
> Definition not found for symbol 'FCNTL'.
> Definition not found for symbol 'GETCWD'.
> Definition not found for symbol '__ERRNO'.

Correct, these are case-sensitive.  If you change them to uppercase, they
won't work. You have to get the characters to correctly translate to the
Japanese CCSID. These are part of the operating system, there's no way I
can change the way their capitalized.

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