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Re: HTTP 405

Sender: Scott Klement <sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I'm working with some NT folks on consuming web services from their server, and I am receiving a HTTP 405 error response. Is this caused by their server not being setup properly (maybe not accepting the POST method ? ).

Difficult to say. Here are some things that I'd look for:

   a) Make sure you have a valid/legal URL. It can't have any spaces or
      certain punctuation symbols in it.  If you're submitting data via
      the GET request method (I don't think you are) make sure that it's
      properly URL encoded.

      If your URL is formatted incorrectly, it could be interpreting
      something you send as a request method, even though it wasn't
      intended to be.

   b) Make sure you have proper authority on the NT server. It's possible
      to configure the Web server so that only certain users can perform
      POST requests to certain locations.

   c) Make sure that they expect you to use POST. Some web services
      expect the GET method.

   d) If none of the above suggestions helps, it may be that there
      server is misconfigured.

   e) If all else fails, have them make a request using .NET or Java or
      something else to prove that the server works. If it works, run a
      network sniffer and capture the working session so that you can make
      sure that HTTPAPI is doing the same thing.

Good luck

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