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Secure web sites

Sender: Patricia Greenwood <pgreenwo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I am working on a project for my employer. I am a RPG/400 programmer assigned the task of creating a link to a web based service. The service will be offered to our customers (trucking companies) to make it possible for their drivers to keep electronic logs. This service will be on a secure site. Using the Klement programs, I have been able to contact this site and request and send information. However, the AS/400 I am using (our company owned) is not secure so the developers of the web site have had to create a non-secure site for my development.

Our question is what do we need to do to our AS/400 to allow this secure connection. I have found the documentation for creating a certificate, etc. and have coded it but the 400 doesn't seem to have all it needs. This will be more important as we start moving this out to our customers.

If someone could give us some direction or point us to additional information, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

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