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Suggestions for the HTTP API (and Questions)

Sender: Marc <marc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello All,

I am not familiar with how many people are on this list, but this is my first post to it so please be patient with me :> I would like to start off with some general suggestions in light of the changes that I make to the API locally.

1) I would suggest at some point replacing peUserAgent, peContentType and peSOAPAction with a single parm: peHeaders. This allows the programmer to decide what extra headers to include without having to modify the API. One of the sites we access requires 3 or 4 specialized headers, and the addition of the SoapAction header parm illustrates to me the potential need for many more parms. This change would not be very backwards compatible, but would be very forwards compatible :>

2) Have https_init() clear wkEnvH when it fails (except in the case where it has already been initialized). For those who use named activation groups, not clearing it results in an inability to retry the operation after the problem which caused it to fail has been fixed.

3) Have the automatic registration function register the application ID as a client rather than a server (the default). I have a code snippet which does this FWIW...

Now here are my questions:

1) How does everyone deal with the fact that authority is needed for the certificate store file in order to establish an SSL connection? I looked up gsk_secure_soc_open and it says you need to have authority to it, but an IBMer that I spoke to said that they use GSKit for their client side secure FTP and the users do not need authority to those files. In fact he insisted that no authority was needed (I tested it thoroughly later and determined that yes it was (as documented)). Have you all found this to be the case? If not would you be able to let me know some info on your config?

2) The 1.8 version removed the 'connection: close' from the requests. This broke an existing app for me where the program hangs on the select in ssl_recvdoc if the connection close is not specified. I can provide a sample URL and postdata if someone wants to try it. I was able to work around it (by specifying connection: close in my peHeaders parm), but it makes me worry as to how to determine when it is needed and when it is not. I did notice the content length returned when it was missing was 306 versus 700 when that header was provided, so I don't know to what extent it is something strange happening on the remote end.

3) When connecting to one site with POST (and it returns chunked output) it returns an error code of 200 instead of 100, which causes the call to fail. This is as a result of the post data being empty. Is this something the remote server should handle or should the API not expect the 100-continue if the postdata length was zero?

Thank you for your time and help.



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