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Re: First steps in socketing.

Sender: Scott Klement <klemscot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Eduard Sluis wrote:
> Although already for sometime following the things happening on this
> mail list, I was not yet busy with sockets.
> Time has changes though and I'v followed the tutorial and adapted the
> example serverprograms to be able to work with the FTPAPI
> serverprogram.
> Now I should be ready for the first real communications.

FTPAPI is not a server program.   It's an FTP client.   You do not need
to be familiar with sockets to use it.

> I have however 'some' problems with creating the first client and
> serverhandling programs for the first purpose for a socket interface.
> The client should be able to send some data (for example from an file
> on the IFS or from a buffer supplied by an other program) and the
> receiver should place in it an buffer and process this data further.
> I could not found appropriate examples in the example sources to
> accomplish this, so I started to try somethings.
> The results differ from what should happen.
> The problem seems to be that till now I do not sufficiently sense what
> function to use for what purpose.

This mailing list is for the purpose of discussing the FTPAPI and HTTPAPI
open-source projects.   It's not intended as a mailing list for general
sockets discussions.

I'd be happy to discuss socket programming in RPG with you if you
subscribe to the RPG400-L mailing list.  You can sign-up here:

> Can someone help me (perhaps with some source examples)?

I wrote a tutorial on sockets programming which has lots of examples.
You can find it here:

But, please don't discuss socket programming here.  This list is for
FTPAPI and HTTPAPI related discussions.

Thank you!

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