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FTP halts during get of large file.

Sender: "L. Maartens" <l.maartens@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi list,

Does anybody know what could be the cause for the intermitting halt on a FTP

I am using scott's FTPAPI in passive mode to retrieve a file of about 450000
records of 50 characters per record.

Every once in a while the FTP function seems the suddenly do nothing any
more. The FTP server is a mainframe (Z/OS).

This can become very anoying when you have to retry up to 8 times in order
ot retreive such a file over an ISDN 2 line with a maximum rate of 128 k.

If they retrieve the file with a PC then all goes well and no halts occur.
It only seems to happen with OS400 users.

Maybe something in the TCP/IP settings for OS400 ?

Kind regards,


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