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timeout on put

Sender: "Sean Porterfield" <sporter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

We're using the FTP API and ran into a problem last night.  After connecting
to the remote server, we normally PUT the file then log off.  It's been
working great.  Last night, I see that we logged onto the server, sent a
PORT then a STOR, but then the job hung.  I was told today that the problem
was on the remote server.  Unfortunately, the rest of our nightly processing
was held up since it runs in the same subsystem.

Is there any way to find out that the data is not tranferring and just error
out so the job can continue?  (It sat there for about 4 hours, so I know it
was not going through - it was only about a 5KB file!)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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