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Re: EBCDIC - ASCII translate when pushing to IFS

Sender: Scott Klement <klemscot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

If you're using ASCII mode, the FTP server is doing the translation.

This is why I didn't code translation into the client -- I figured the
server would handle it -- but, what I failed to account for is the idea
that someone might connect to a PC FTP server (with the FTPAPI) and either
do a PUT or a GET from the AS/400, and expect it to be translated.

And now maybe you see my problem :)  I need to account for whether or 
not they've connected to a server that will do the translation FOR ME,
or if they haven't...

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Buck Calabro wrote:
> I am now extremely confused.
> When I do a GET of my (externally defined by DDS) customer master file from
> QSYS.LIB into /QOpenSys, the records are translated.  I verified this by
> using Windows Notepad to open the file.  
> Who's doing that translation?  WRKLNK shows it as code page 819, file format
> *TYPE2.  
> I'm going to tinker with PUT now.
> Buck 

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