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Sender: "Justin Kiteley" <justin@xxxxxxxxxx>


> > 3)  I can't think of a scenario where ASCII would ever be used.  Unless
> >       conversion to an IFS ASCII object from an EBCDIC object in the
> >       QSYS.LIB structure is needed.  I guess the conversion should be
> >       available, but up to the programmer to decide and be defaulted to
> >       BINARY mode.
> Huh?   Aren't you the one who is complaining that your document isn't
> being converted to ASCII?   Why are you now saying that you can't think
> of a scenario where a file should be converted to ASCII?!

I'm trying to help with your question # 3!

> > >     3)  What if I'm talking to another AS/400 (or other EBCDIC
> > >          Could I safely assume that binary mode would be used in that
> > >          scenario?

Which is referring to EBCDIC to EBCDIC machines, not EBCDIC to PC.


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