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Sender: Scott Klement <klemscot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Hatzenbeler, Tim wrote:

> Couple of points of clarifications...
> 	         the IFS is a record-based file, a save file, or a stream
> file?
> 	         Keeping in mind that symbolic links could be used to make a
> 	         file in /QOpnSys/ (for example) point to a file in
> 	When you say record based... are you talking about an as/400 pf?  or
> any database file (ie: oracle, access)

Yes, I'm talking about an AS/400 PF, or save file.   I have no idea what
oracle or access files look like on the AS/400.   I assume that they're
normal stream files :)

> 	save file... Maybe a pattern search, in the object for
> identification... i'll give it a try... plus also I have seen that save
> files are a certain record length, so it could be divisible by that number
> and check for no remainder.

Well, if we could determine that it's a native object of type '*FILE',
and we could determine the final library/file name, then we could 
retrieve the object attributes to find out that it's a save file.

Not sure that I'd want to decide that it's a save file just because it's
a PF with a 528-byte record :)

> 	not sure how the sym links work...  not even sure if I have any... 
> 	-tim

A symlink just redirects which file gets opened from one location to
another.   So if you do a open('/test/somelink')  and somelink is a
symbolic link to '/QSYS.LIB/DATALIB.LIB/CUSTFILE.FILE' you'd actually
be opening DATALIB/CUSTFILE in your attempt to open /test/somelink.

Does that make sense?  If not, I'm not sure how to explain it... :)

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