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Sender: Buck Calabro <Buck.Calabro@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

>The file that lands on the PC or UNIX machine is not in ascii
>format (all funny characters looks like the ebcdic translation was not

Justin, Generally you DON'T want binary if you're transferring a text file.
Binary means "no translate."  Also, if you are sending a database file with
packed fields, the packed fields don't come across properly no matter what
you do.  If you send in Text mode and translate them, you'll juggle the bits
and therefore the value of the number.  If you send in Binary mode, there
isn't many a PC application that can read packed data!

If you have a hex viewer on the PC, fire that up and see what values you're

One test: create a simple file, use DFU to add a line of text and use
command line FTP to send it to the PC.  Once you've done that you can verify
that the file matches on both boxes, ruling out any translation issues.
Then do the same transfer using the FTP API in Text mode.

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