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Re: Variable usage and log issue.

Sender: "Justin Kiteley" <justin@xxxxxxxxxx>

I try using the variables in the callp to ftp_conn and I keep getting
"pointer not set for location referenced" error messages.  I'm fairly new to
RPG 4 and I do not know what is causing this error message.


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From: "Scott Klement" <klemscot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 11:51 AM
Subject: Re: Variable usage and log issue.

> Sender: Scott Klement <klemscot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> On Thu, 10 May 2001, Justin Kiteley wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> >   My first question has to do with variable usage when calling the
> > API's.  I've looked into FTPAPI_H to find out the types and sizes of the
> > variable being used and have matched them but cannot get anything to
> > when passing variables into a program like TESTPUT and then trying to do
> > connect and a put, using passed in values for the API parms.  For
> >
> > eval      sess = ftp_conn(Host: User: Pass)  This one is not so
important, i
> > can live with it if it has to be hardcoded, ack.  Right now it does not
> > work.
> >
> > if        ftp_put(sess:Datafile.file)<0    This one cannot be hardcoded.
> > long as my current library has the file in it this API should work
> > right?  It's not working right now.
> These are just normal RPG subprocedures, you can pass variables to them.
> Nothing fancy or exciting. :)
> What happens when it doesn't work?  What error message does FTP_ERROR
> return?
> > Am I missing some brackets or something?  Any input would be
> Brackets?  No.   This works for me:
> DName+++++++++++ETDsFrom+++To/L+++IDc.Keywords+++++++++++++++++++++++++
> D Site            S             30A   INZ('ftp.netscape.com')
> D User            S             15A   INZ('anonymous')
> D Pass            S             15A   INZ('me@xxxxxxxx')
> D Filename        S             64A   INZ('/path/to/whatever')
> C                   eval      sess = ftp_conn(Site: User: Pass)
> ...etc...
> C                   if        ftp_put(sess: Filename) < 0
> ...etc...
> I'm not familiar with things like "Datafile.file".   Are you running
> Java?  Or V5R1?  This doesn't look like an RPG variable name to me...
> > My second question regards the joblog created during the FTP calls.  Is
> > there any way to commit this log to a file instead of the joblog when
> > the API calls?  Thanks for the help!
> Not without changing the code...  you could change the DiagMsg routine in
> FTPAPIR4 to write the messages wherever you like.  There are a few points
> regarding this that I'd like to make, however....
> 1) If you're writing to a file, and two jobs are running FTPAPI at the
>      same time (or even if your job is running two transfers at once)
>      the messages in the file will all get mixed together.
>      There are many ways to work around this, of course, such as keying
>      the file by job & socket number, and putting those in different
>      fields...   or putting the file in QTEMP...   or having a different
>      file for each user.
> 2) You'd need some way to dynamically specify the file and library name,
>      if you want this product to be able to work for other people in
>      other shops.
> 3) It might be wise to put '*****' or something in place of the password
>      in the file, rather than putting the password where everyone can
>      read it.
> 4) Another idea would be to structure logging the same way that I've
>      structured the FTP_PUTRAW & FTP_GETRAW calls.  (i.e. the user can
>       pass a procedure pointer, and have the FTPAPI call that procedure
>       to do logging.)  This would allow greater flexibility.
> 4) If you come up with some good ideas or good code to do this, please
>      send them to me or to the list, so we can all try them, and maybe
>      integrate them back into the next release of FTPAPI.   Open Source
>      software only works if people are willing to contribute :)
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