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Sender: Scott Klement <klemscot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Robin Coles wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> Sorry to hassle you directly rather than through the mailing list, but I've
> only just subscribed and don't want to re-ask something that's already been
> hashed over.

Hi Robin,

I don't think any of this has been asked on the mailing list, so I'm 
going to CC: the list.  Hopefully this will spark some constructive 

> 1) FTPAPI works a treat for stream files - have you had any joy getting it
> to work for non-stream files?

I've spent some time toying around with non-stream files, but haven't 
come up with a method that I particularly like.   I'm certainly open to

Whatever method we end up using to handle "record" files (for lack of a
better term) should also be designed to handle save files (SAVF).
The hardest part seems to be determining if the file is a stream file or
not, and determining if it's a save file or not.

I've really been meaning to find solutions and code all of this, but I
haven't had the time, and you're the first person (besides me) to 
bring it up.

> 2) I'd like to be able to provide FTPAPI to a customer, and write code
> around it.  We obviously wouldn't charge for FTPAPI itself, although we
> would charge for the code we wrote that used it.  I presume that's OK.  We'd
> ship the source with all of your copyright and disclaimer notice intact.

As long as the license/disclaimer is intact, and you don't charge for 
FTPAPI itself, you're welcome to build products around it.

> Thanks for a great piece of code - sooooo much better than trying to take
> the output file from a FTP script apart.  The only change I plan to make is
> not to have it echo the password to the joblog.  I like the logging facility
> and being able to send the password via RPG means I can store it encrypted
> but that's not much help if it appears in the joblog.

The idea of making this an open source project was to allow lots of people
to use it, and improve it, and help each other out.  By allowing
developers to use/test/improve my API for FREE, we all are able to make
better software that utilizes FTP.

So, bearing that in mind... I agree that the password shouldn't be in the
joblog.  If you come up with a good way of changing it, please send me 
your changes so that these changes are available to everyone!

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